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BMW 重视今晨6系列起火事件 并主动配合调查

今日早晨在Sprint高速公路有一辆宝马(BMW)6系列轿车着火,车内男子被烧成焦尸。针对此事,马来西亚宝马集团(BMW Malaysia Group)迅速回应发布文告表示重视,并积极配合当局协助调查。






We at BMW Group Malaysia learnt this morning of an incident where a previous generation BMW vehicle caught on fire at the Toll Gates of the Sprint Expressway which resulted in a fatality.

This is a very unfortunate incident and we are really saddened with what has happened. We sympathise with the victim and the family members affected by the incident.

We understand that at the moment, the cause of the fire has not been ascertained and we at BMW Group Malaysia are open to offering our expertise, cooperation and assistance to the Selangor Fire and Rescue Department as well as the related authorities to investigate the incident thoroughly.


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